Saturday, November 18, 2017

Handwritten, typed and printed notes!

Assalamualaikum and hello guys! It has been a long (too long) time since I wrote my last post. Back to the title, which one is better? 

Handwritten notes? Typed notes? or Printed notes? (slides in the class) here you are Medical School edition :P

So basically, dalam post kali ini, I am going to share my experiences for these 3 types of notes!

1. Hand written notes

I use this style in block 1, where it is a burdensome hahaha for me. But hey, there’s still good things in something kan! So, the pros are
  • Easy to remember  // pap-pap dah hafal (some)
    • sebab when we want to write, we need to read and understand before compile 2 to 3 sentences into single-short-tapi-padat kind of sentence. Dan tanpa sedar, I dah actually letak info yang dah ditulis into my long-term memory. (eh yeke)
    • and sometimes, bila tersalah tulis notes, you have to write it again, so yes people! you can indirectly ter-hafal in that kind of way. sebab you tend to remember things that makes you rasa marah, sedih, geram or penat more than things that makes you happy. so, sapa je happy nak kena tulis benda sama 2 ke 3 kali right?
    • Plus, your notes are in your own words @ simpler sentences. Bila you study for your upcoming exam, it should be faster than revising every single words from your lecturer's notes.

  • Easy to refer again
    • When you write your notes, you know exactly where you write/draw it. So, when it comes to examination week, it is being so helpful. You can just refer everything from your written notes. Like I said before, your notes are in your own words. So, it should be easier for you to refer to your notes again!
    • Tips: guna warna highlighter yang berlainan, untuk info yang berlainan. I think, you can use 
      • kuning untuk explanation
      • merah jambu untuk the key points 
      • blue for what the lecturers emphasized! (but i  dont do this people. i highlight what i want with any colour i want haha)

  • Nice and pretty // sedap mata memandang
    • There are a lot of colours, (if you use lots). As for me, I like to color things and draw simple shapes to decorate my notes.
    • The benefits comes 2 in 1, as this is kind of mind-theraphy di samping you try to remember the notes. Drawing and colouring can help to ease your mind (only if you love arts. haha)
    • You can use different colours of pen, or colour pencils and highlighters!
    • Tips: tulis on lined papers not plain papers, because you tend to senget-membengetkan your tulisan after hours of studying. Do your notes nicely and neatly! 

  • You tend to overlooked some information
    • Believe me or not, I perasan this thing about 1 to 2 weeks before our End of Block (EOB) Examination. Some of the pictures that I drawed was not the same as the pictures shown. So friends, when you draw, draw it right. Kidney is not the same as mangga ok.
    • I have been thinking and I rasaaaa this this because, after hours of studying… you will get tired, then you tend to overlooked some information and take it for granted and may think that some of it not so important to you. This can lead to problems, when it comes to no-sleep week aka exam week.
    • Tips: when you are tired, stop for a while. Go for solat sunat or drink some water, take a nap or sleep. Don’t go for your phone or you can get distracted…. Like me hehe

2. Typed notes!

i dont have any picture so this is my messy table hehe

I use this style during my block 2. The pros will be, your notes look better as it is clean and neat but it is in your own words! Yey! But, be careful to not to change the meaning of every information. Do revise your notes again and again. Using this kind of notes, you will definitely not gonna miss any pictures. Medical school need a lot of pictures for you to refer. So, pictures do a really important work here! You can add more information using sticky notes or use highlighters after you print it!

More pros? Save ink guys! Save! Sebab by doing this, you boleh resize the pictures mengikut rasa dan kesesuaian. Sebab selalunya, I prefer pathology pictures to be bigger than the biochemistry diagram. So, you can edit it there. Plus, if your lecturer jenis guna suka bunga bunga, colourful background gittew. You can use this kind of notes sebab it saves ink. Like. A. Lot.

Cons? Will be your cost for printing. Ink for printers and papers do cost a lot. Sebab you memang print je everything. Lagi lagi to those yang memang suka gambar besar-besar. So… you can think yourself. Tapi, ink depends pada your type of printer jugak la kan. If u ask me.. I am gonna say Epson is the one sebab jimat namampos ya Allah. Menyesal deh gue.  Besides, you gonna be so tired. Eyes and brain, both gonna use energy a lot. Sebab you will be reading and editing and copying pictures and information. You can get headache, serious talk. And those yang tak rabun, you can develop rabun wehh. Hati hati kiddos! Tips: try to read and understand everything faster to reduce masa you hadap laptop/ipad. Or you can wear glasses yang memang guna for laptop purposes. Lastly, you can actually tend to copy paste, copy paste. Lepastu terus print tanpa baca dulu. It happens guys, It does. (to me actually) hahaha

3. Printed notes!

So, I have been choosing (???) this printed-types of notes from block 3 until now! (currently just finished block 6) sebab, by times you gonna be busy with lot of stuff. You gonna have you elective and generic classes, so I do not have much time to write or type my own notes. So, I just directly print out the notes provided by the lecturers.

Pros? I have all information provided! I am not gonna “tend to overlook” any important things emphasized by the lecturers. It saves time. (Actually, u gonna need some time to print it out jugak. Bukan la jimat habis haha). Then, you boleh tengok which lecture notes yang u still tak sentuh sebab cantik jeeeee takde any additional notes/ any contengan jalanan on the papers. So I think that is a pro for me? hehe

Cons? Money! To buy papers and inks! And it gonna cause you trouble when it is your final week!! You have to go through word by word as you read the notes without any simplified notes. That is not a smart way of studying kan? :( Tips: do a little summary at the back of the lecture notes for you to revise again after some time or before your exams started. 

And, you will end up dengan 3 to 5 inch notes. Sebab, there is a lot of notes that you have printed all along the block. It is going to be hard for you to carry it everywhere. Especiallly, when you are going home. Takkan nak angkut semua berapa kilo tu 

So, azam saya pada next block, my notes will be “typed noted” because I like how it turns out so nice and neat and it is moderate time-consuming. Besides, I can save SOME ink. Hahaha. Maybe I gonna need to carry that 3 to 5 inch compiled notes everywhere. But, hey technology is not for me. I like the old school style way better than notes in laptops/ipad of phones. Lagipun, if your devices terjatuh and then rosak, you gonna lose everything. Unless if you have your backup.

So, I think that is all for my post. Thank you for reading! Do you have any better way of taking notes? Or what is your most efficient way for you to manage your notes? Do share it below! Till then peeps! Ilal liqa’

p/s: new block coming very very soon! Pardon my grammar mistakes hehe

Sunday, May 7, 2017

April 17

Hello and assalamualaikum everyone! First thing first, lets us welcome May with a warm greet and a smile, can we? Okay, alhamdulillah. For today's post, I just want, to sum up, everything that happens in April. Shall we start? Yes, let's go!

April, of course, my favourite month of the year. Sebab? It's my birthday's month yey. 

Untuk april je, gambar dah 1000+ but I choose these photos to share it here. April was a great month, lol mestilah as usual la kan. April started dengan preparation nak exam sebab block 4's exam is around the end of April. So, despite having so little tiny time, my friends did some cute little surprise for my birthday.  It was so unexpected. Seriously. Masa tu I thought they were fighting about something sebab one of my friends muka macam nak menangis dah. Lepas tu, bla bla bla andddddddddddd "Happy Birthday to youuuu" hahaha comel gila. comel. Lepas tu, that evening Miela surprised me with browniesssss. I love it so much, sedap gila. Sedap lagi sebab birthday hehehe. 

Thank you, everyone. Aku bukan orang yang pandai nak luakan perasaan dan terjemah dalam bentuk ayat. But, I want you girls to know that, I am beyond grateful to have you girls in my life. Thank you :)

Okay, moving on from my birthday hahaha, we got our first paper on 18th of April, hari first exam di mana juga merupakan Hasra's birthdayyyyy yeay. Happy belated birthday hasraa. we hope that you are surprised with our surprise. kalau tak pun, mengaku jelah kau terkejut hahahaha

Oh ya, by the way exam blok 4 kalini we olls kena pergi jawab exam dekat timur which is sucks. sebab jauh, nak kena tunggu bas. We olls ni manja, tak pernah naik bas sepanjang 2 tahun dekat sini ( setahun asasi, setahun degree) untuk ke kelas. selalu jalan kaki je, sekejap je sampai, ni nak kena tunggu bas, merungut macam macam haih macam mana la tahun depan yee 🤔

while waiting for the bus..... why not?

And aprillllllllllllll, I video call with my beautiful-pretty-talented-smart bestfriends from se seri dedulu. rinduuuu, this is during my birthday tau. so, disebabkan se seri buat open day dekat sekolah, they went to our school... without me of course sebab I tengah exam? hello? how to go? and, I miss them so muchhhhh last jumpa masa ambik result spm lama kot. dah bertahun dah huhuh when ah got the chance to meet them againnnn rinduuu gilaaaaa 

so, the reason why annur and anne (that 2 pretty-person that i video called) went to our school because ada open day. sumpah sedih sebab tak dapat nak join. plus, during that day, in the morning, kite orang ada exam ict, so memang tak boleh nak skip balik. whether I like it or not, I have to accept this. so, yeah, dah lepas, and I am okay 😆😆

April is a sad month too sebab last pbl with our fav lecturer from Myanmar. doktor serius baik gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sangat caring, suka senyum, suka bagi info, help us to learn better and banyak lagi. gonna miss here #alreadymissher so, we did this, so that she's not going to forget us hehehehe

and, in April too, UKM came here. which is be very fun sebab I'm one of the protocol members. I buat speech untuk dekan baca, but then dekan is very busy, so my speech for dekan to read, disimpan untuk................... tak tahulah apa. hahahah even though tak sempat nak buat kawan, it is a fun experience. lagipun ukm yang datang semua kakak kakak, kita adik je, malu la nak tegur tegur hehehe. walaupun kerja protokol je, which also means belakang tabir je, tapi bestttt sebab ya you know.... i don't know hahahhaa

I love doing work, macam charity work ke, jadi akak akak fasi ke, terlibat dalam program-program macam ni... suka sangat, tapi sebab kekangan masa and pemalas ya amat jarang betul join benda-benda camni. tapi, my advices to adik-adik (if ada) (if ada yang baca) (sesapa pun boleh la) selagi ada masa untuk join any program, joinlah. be a part of it. at least, nanti you dah tua tua there's something yang boleh buat you senyum.

whatever it is, I am beyond thankful for everything. even though ada jugak episod episod hitam in April, I just want to let it go. don't ever you give the way for negative thoughts. let it be and live you life. be happy and just smile :)

I think that's all the highlight of April. April was very fun and I hope May will be one too. How is your May going on? I hope you guys are doing fine and happy! anddddddd this is an update right 47 days before going back home! :) thank you everyone for your wishes on my birthday. I appreciate it so much. love ya! Thank you for reading, till then silent readers, ilal liqa'

Friday, April 28, 2017

why doctor?

Hi, everyone! So, it has been a while since I updated my blog. That sentence " I want to write something" has been playing over and over again in my head hahahaha. so, back to the title. Why doctor? Why do you want to be a doctor? actually, a lecturer of mine asked us to write an essay (seriously essay?) about this la kan. It turns out, I'm updating my blog rather than writing an essay haha. 

Why do you want to be a doctor?

This is seriously the most-favourite-carrot-famous-amos question masa interview. My answer? Lol, mestilah cliche gila. Sebab I do not know the answer. well, different people mestilah ada different answers kan. some because you witnessed death, others sebab nak tolong orang. While that person nak jadi doktor sebab nak jadi doktor. as I said before, the answers are different for different people. the answers lies in that person's heart. 

my lecturer did mention about is it because you want to be glamorous? rich? or because of that title? for sure, i repeat for sure no one will say yes. mungkin la dalam hati for certain people kan. sebab yes hello hello hello jadi doktor kaya okay? mak bapak heboh satu kampung anak jadi doktor. sapa tak bangga kan anak jadi doktor. 

for me? I do not know the answer. like i don't know.... what should I say.... I don't know... help me hahaha

apa yang aku tahu sekarang, ini jalan yang Dia sediakan untuk aku. macam mana pun, aku kena usaha sehabis baik untuk tunjukkan rasa syukur aku sebab aku ditempatkan dalam bidang ni. bukan semua dapat peluang macam ni kan? ada orang minat sangat sangat, tapi ditempatkan dalam bidang yang lain. and bagi aku yang entahlah-tak-tahu-minat-ke-tak-ni sometimes, I do feel 'bersalah' sebab mensia-siakan apa yang Allah bagi. tapi, perjuangan belum berakhir. sebab aku percaya, minat tu boleh pupuk. and yes, it did. alhamdulillah, beberapa bulan ni rasa seronok sangat belajar bidang ni, raasa bersyukur untuk sihat tu sentiasa ada. cuma apa yang aku tak suka is exam la haha but then, without exam belajar macam sia-sia jelah sebab takde that 'booster' nak ulangkaji balik apa yang dah kita belajar. apa apa pun, tajdid niat hari hari.

okay, I don't know where this post going to haha but then pls pray for me and my friends too. so that we all dapat cari jawapan kepada this question. either because of rich and famous or because we want to help people. mencari jawapan kepada soalan ni, bagi aku macam mencari identiti sendiri gittew hahaha but anyway, I do hope that one day, we will become a successful doctor and will always in a happy-semangat-gila mood to help our patients one fine day. 

kepada rakan-rakan seperjuangan, teruskan berjuang. stay smart and be good at all time. If you can dream it, surely you can do it :)

honestly, memula masuk aku rasa macam dalam dunia alien where all words all terms are so-really-weird-helo-what-are-you-talking-about unfamiliar. I remember one time, masa mula mula masuk dulu, someone (my lecturer but can't recall who) ada cakap okay ni mesti anak anak doktor semua ni, parents ke uncle aunty ke ada dalam medical field. and i was like crying and noooo I am the first one. sorry aliens, can't help but i'm super dummy pasal your terms here hahaha but that happened during earlier in year one kan biasalah hahaha alhamdulilah, I am doing so much better now. sebut je, sengih sengih sebab I understand youw alien words now hehehe 

this is part of my friends answers on why do you want to be a doctor? (less than 10 words) (this one is different from the essay) 

okay, sila teka which one is mine hahaha okay tu je for today, I hope takdelah orang mati kebosanan membaca hahaha ok joke #ifgottellmepls #kidding 

see ya next time! jaga diri jaga hati, stay positive, ilal liqa' :)

I cannot imagine me myself and I doing the doctor's job ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh scaaryyyy

Friday, March 31, 2017

see good

" One small positive thought in the morning 
can change your whole day"

Hello assalamualaikum to all!

How's your day going? Alhamdulillah for both bad and good day. Because there must be something behind it. Mine? nah.......... 50-50 i guess. Not  really in a good mood but not that bad too. while I was reading just now, I stopped by Aiman Azlan's blog and read his new post about "Increase the positive". I don't really know since when I have been following him but his new post are da boom like always la kan. And, I would like to share it with you just in case you are not following him. (now you can hehe) (go follow now)


Everybody has a positive side and a negative side. Which side do we choose to focus on?

We should choose to focus on the positive, despite knowing that the negative does exist.

That doesn’t mean that we ignore the negative. If we are in a position where we can make the situation better, then we should take appropriate action to correct the negative. Focus on the positive doesn’t mean that we justify their negative qualities or actions.

I’m talking about being positive, not being naive. 

Focus on the positive means that despite being aware of the negative, we make a conscious choice to see the good side of a person. We consciously decide that we would not define the person by his or her negativity, and we don’t make the negative our wallpaper. 

The person may or may not deserve our good thoughts. That is up for debate. But this is not about the person. This is about us. How we choose to see people affects how we feel. It is a factor in our emotional wellbeing. If we focus on the negative, then that is what we would see and that is what we would feel. 

Focusing on the good of a person is a choice that we all can make. For some it is a difficult choice, for others it is an easy choice. But it is still a choice nonetheless. 

What focusing on the good of a person means is that we don’t make the bad qualities of that person our wallpaper, such that when we see them, that is all that we see: the bad. We make the conscious decision to see them as they truly are; a human being just like us. 

When I say, “I love you” to my parents, I say that with the knowledge of how imperfect they are. I love them, with their flaws and shortcomings, because that is the only way I can sincerely and realistically love another human being. 

So I learn to live life with the cards that were dealt to me, not the cards that I wish were dealt to me. I learn to appreciate the parents God gave to me. God chose them to be my parents for a reason. Although I didn’t choose my parents, I can choose how to love them. 

When you make that conscious choice to focus on the good in people and you try to make this a habit, it becomes easier and easier to love them. You have trained your mind to think good things and positive things. Next time, you don't even have to try that hard - it becomes a natural part of yourself.


I do think positivity is important for us. For our own sake. By staying positive, it helps us to live our life happily. Reallhy. Try it and you will feel it. Paling penting sekali, you need to know that positive thought will not come without effort on its own. We need to find it. Make it as your daily habit and you will find the difference. 

Bagi aku, hidup ni mudah untuk kita bagi kata-kata tapi susah nak implement dalam diri kita. But, just try to do it. I do have my own problem; struggling to be positive everyday. Sebab bukan senang nak jadi postitif. Bukan senang nak husnudzon tiap masa. But, let's not end it there. Keep trying until you be one (this sentence is not only referring on how to be positive but for every aspect in your life) InsyaAllah, lama lama okay la kan? :)

I think that's all for today. Thank you for reading (eventho tak ramai pun baca) I hope that you gain something from this post. I really do. And don't forge to singgah to Aiman Azlan's blog! thank you for those beautiful words :) I love that picture so muchhh. Till then semuanya. Ilal liqa'

p/s : I'm not referring to anyone (just in case)
p/s : the one highlited in red and bold-ed is my fav line
p/s : pardon my grammar 

Monday, March 20, 2017


"jangan la cakap macam tu"
"masa aku fail pun, kau cakap benda sama jugak. sekarang aku cakap apa kau cakap dulu, tk boleh pulak"

hi gais. so harini, aku terdetik nak update lagi blog aku hahaha apa entah. takdelah, aku cuma nak share je apa aku rasa, apa aku fikir, yang boleh dijadikan teladan dan kesimpulan so that aku takkan buat benda sama lagi.

so, daripada dua ketul perbualan kat atas, aku terdiam bila kawan aku reply macam tu. baru-baru ni aku ada fail exam, so aku cakap la yang something yang bermaksud “korang tak rasa apa aku rasa boleh la cakap macam tu” ha gittewww pastu, bila kawan aku reply macam tu, tersentak sampai terdiam aku. baru aku perasan. yang sebenarnya, aku pun cakap benda sama dulu. kejadian yang sama, cuma orang nya berbeza. Macam tu je Tuhan nak bagi aku sedar, salah aku dulu. Orang cakap sekelip mata je Allah nak sedarkan kita.  Antara Dia nak ke tak nak je. 

and barulah aku terfikir, sebenarnya masalah yang kita hadapi, orang tak pernah faham. cerita la macam mana pun, kau buat map ke, carta alir ke, susah untuk kita, nak bagi dia faham perasaan yang kita rasa. i sound so roundabout here even though, cerita face to face kot? drama mata berkaca kaca lagi hahaha selepas apa yang jadi haritu, aku dah mula untuk lebih berhati-hati dalam nak bagi nasihat or bila nak sedapkan hati kawan aku huhu

percaya atau tidak, kita sebagai manusia memang tak akan pernah faham situasi orang lain sampailah kita sendiri berada dalam keadaan yang sama. (macam apa yang jadi dekat aku tu) macam dulu sem satu, ada gaklah aku belajar pasal psikologi ni sikit sikit. Masa kelas apa entah. Bila orang cerita masalah dia dekat kau, jangan pernah cakap

“aku faham apa kau rasa”
“takpe, aku faham”
“biasalah tu weh, aku faham apa kau rasa” 

just don’t. you’re just gonna make it from bad to worse. 

Kalau sesetengah orang yang agresif, tak pepasal dia jerit “KAU TAK PERNAH FAHAM APA AKU RASA. KAU TAKKAN PERNAH FAHAM PUN. SEBAB KAU TAKDE DEKAT TEMPAT AKU” pastu nangis, ha sudah. Kau nak buat apa masa tu? And while kalau yang jenis pasif, dia jerit gak macam tu………………………………………………………………………….. dalam hati. huhuhu

Jadi, kesimpulannya. Stop saying that you are understand because you will never understand someone's problem unless you are in the same shoes. Just let them tell you what they feel. It makes someone feel even better when they share their problems. Kerja kau dengar je, melainkan dia mintak pendapat kau sebab “sometimes people don’t need advice. They just need someone to listen and care”

To my dear friends yang in problems, try your best to get rid those negative vibes. One day, you gonna get rid of it and move forward. Study well, and you gonna be okay. And last but not least, if you are reading this, I just wanna u to know that kalau kau ada masalah, cerita jelah dekat aku. Aku mungkin tak faham apa kau rasa, and jauh sekali boleh selesaikan masalah kau, tapi kalau kau nak ringankan beban dekat dada tu, share je la. I may not good in giving advices but I am a good listener. *sending a virtual hug* 

 stay strong dear friend. 

till then people, ilal liqa' 

p/s: aku rasa macam dah addicted menulis macam dulu oh god help me i'm not studying :( tapi i like hohohohohh

Sunday, March 19, 2017

belajar anatomi

happy weekend everyone and hi :)

jadi, based on the title you guys can predict la apa aku nak cerita harini kan. cuma yelah, takde la cerita nya meletop kebabom. biasa-biasa je haha apa aku cakap ni

jadi, masuk harini dah 3 minggu aku belajar blok 4 ni (Block 4 : Musculoskeletal System & Head and Neck) apa yang boleh aku simpulkan sepanjang belajar 3 minggu ni adalah belajar anatomi adalah yang paling banyak gila. banyak nak mampos. ya Allah berikanlah aku kekuatan. sob sob  

current view

why am I saying this, sebab anatomi kan yaa u know. susah la nak cerita hahaha okay, aku bagi situasi, contoh macam okay ni. lecturer cakap "okay, ni structure dia, bentuk macam ni, origin kat sini, insertion kat sini, hafal." okay, gurau lecturer aku takde la bagi ayat suruh hafal tu, tapi kena la hafal kan *facepalm* so, untuk aku yang lebih suka akan process or something yang buat otak aku berfikir ni, mestilah anggap benda ni macam berat kan. biasalah, otak orang kan lain-lain

dia macam banyak gila kot. and I wonder how people can continuosly belajar anatomi tak ngantuk weh. peh, aku baca sekejap je subhanallah. tapi, selain rasa banyak gila, aku rasa seronok gak belajar anatomi ni, bila kita faham :) contoh, macam movement for each muscle, hafal sesatu memang tak ah, tertukar tukar semua nya. so, nak elak macam tu, get things done by knowing the origin and insertion for every muscle and understand kan semua tu. surely, no regret. I did this, and it saves me a lot of time.

hafal tapi tak faham tak guna jugak kan? :)

so, no wonder la kenapa lecturer suruh hafal semua tu kan, sebab nak suruh kita faham. faham tak? masalahnya, dalam kelas faham. balik rumah, dah blur balik hahahahaha in conclusion, faham and catat note sikit dalam kelas huhu. tapi tu la, bila dah belajar banyak banyak ni, nama pulak lebih kurang je semua. contoh macam brachialis and brachioradialis. takde la sama sangat cuma nama depan sama, so macam.............. ah malas ah cakap, korang bukan faham pun hahaha. so, baca sekali je tak cukup. kena belajar lebih lagi phewwww

tapi, Alhamdulillah, everything is going so well for this block. so far, so good. I got no regret entering med school. even though i failed last block which is, haematology block. but then, past is past. I'm definitely gonna do better for this block. wish me luck! and good luck to you too! happy studying everyone.

so, here I'm showing you my notes. cantik kan :P hahaha lol bye semua

so, aku study dengan menulis note sebab kalau baca je, ngantuk. kalau tulis je tak faham, so baca and tulis (dengan cantik) sedap la sikit mata memandang kan haha so, kalau korang, study macam mana?

till then fellas, Ilal liqa'

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wed's blues

When you decide to let go, it doesn't mean you stopped caring or you lost hope, it just means you just reached a point where you stopped trying to make others love you.

When you decide to let go, it doesn't mean you're giving up, it just means that you're ready to stop fighting a losing battle.

When you decide to let go, it doesn't mean you're settling, it doesn't mean you're weak. It just means you're tired being the one who always extends a hand to those who don't want to hold it and you're tired of opening your arms to those who turn their backs on you.

When you decide to let go, it doesn't mean you're bitter, it means you're forgiving, it means you're trying to forget so you an heal, so you can move past the heartbreak. It means you're taking care of your heart for once.

When you decide to let go, it doesn't mean you've stopped loving that person, it means that you're starting to love yourself more. It means you're letting love come to you instead of chasing it.

When you decide to let go, you're not losing hope, you're only hoping for more, hoping for better, hoping for something worth holding on to.

Because in letting go, you learn that sometimes hanging on hurts more. In letting go, you learn that some people only come into your life to teach you how to move on.

In letting go, you learn that the things that you're afraid of doing are exactly the things you need to do so you can grow and set yourself free.

In letting go, you learn that you may lose some people but you will always find yourself.

----- ranianaim

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

pada siapa?

hi assalamualaikum semua nya. so maafkan kejadian kelmarin hehe

topik harini adalah, di mana aku terfikir je. pada siapa sebenarnya orang terbaik untuk luahkan perasaan kita? I mean when it comes to the bad part la. kalau benda happy, contoh macam dapat pointer 4 flat ke memang happy melompat bulan la kan nak bagi tahu bestfriend la, mak ayah semua. kan?

tapi, kalau tiba-tiba one day, kau mental breakdown (bukan gila eh) macam tetiba rasa nak putus asa, dah tak ank sambung dah. kau penat dengan drama dunia ni. kau nak lari dari masalah kau.

pada siapa sebenarnya orang terbaik untuk kita salurkan kesedihan hati ini ? 

bagi aku, aku tak pernah tahu atau betul-betul sure sebab aku bab bab macam ni suka simpan sendiri je. nangis dalam bilik air cam biasa ah kan. ok, ni pendapat aku tau, korang jangan fikir macam ni pulak. pada pendapat aku, aku tak suka nak share dengan sesapa MELAINKAN kalau dia tanya hahaha

1. Ibu bapa?

First thing first, aku study jauh beribu batu kot. tak ke parents aku risau kalau tetiba aku call nangis-nangis pasal belajar tak masuk, belajar tak ingat and macam macam lagi. and, sebagai parents sendiri, sudah semestinya dieorang akan risau pasal anak masing-masing. yela, sapa tak sayang anak kan. tak pasal pasal tak tidur malam mengenangkan anak yang menangis sendu tapi jauh tak boleh nak jumpa. mengalir air mata mak ayah kita. tak gitu ke?

tapi, aku tak berniat untuk menyinggung hati ibu bapa sesiapa dalam statement aku ni. pada perspektif ibu bapa melalui pandangan aku ;;;; parents kan. mestilah sebagai ibu bapa, they realluy really want/nak anak-anak dia share everything. kalau boleh semua benda sebab nak tahu. tapi pada aku sebagai seorang anak, aku tak nak susahkan/ bebankan perasaan parents aku. jadi....?

2. bestfriend/ kawan-kawan?

pasal kawan ni, aku selalu fikir takut kawan-kawan aku tak nak dengar cerita aku. aku tak kata semua kawan-kawan aku tak nak dengar cerita aku. tapi, benda-benda macam ni wujud dalam kehidupan kita. contoh macam, one day, aku tetiba nangis, nak tak nak sebagai seorang kawan yang baik, mestilah dia cuba pujuk or dengar cerita aku kan. jadi, ni rela atau paksa rela? tapi, pada perspektif kawan aku (kalau ada) pada pendapat aku, mestilah dia orang nak aku cerita kan, yela kata bestfriend... tapi bila ada masalah, simpan sendiri. dah cemana.....

cuma, pada perspektif aku. aku tak nak susahkan kawan-kawan aku untuk bagi jalan penyelesaian atau cuba bagi kata kata motivasi untuk pujuk aku. tu je, bukan sebab tak anggap kawan baik ke apa

3. orang kita tak kenal pun

ni lagi haru biru, dia tak kenal kau takkan tetiba nak cerita masalah hidup. peh bawa masalah lagi adalah.

jadi, sebagai konklusi post kalini, aku end up jadikan katil atau bilik air tempat untuk aku nangis hahaha (jangan buat macam ni ye nanti depression baru tahu) jadikanlah, Dia sebagai tempat kita mengadu masalah-masalah dunia ni. InsyaAllah, akan Dia bantu dalam bentuk yang tak disangka-sangka. kadang-kadang kita tak perasan pun Allah dah settlekan masalah kita, jadi, bersyukur la dengan apa apa pun yang datang. ujian kan tanda Allah sayang?

by the way, ni cuma pendapat aku. biasalah, manusia ada pendapat dan pendirian masing-masing kan. ni cuma pendapat aku yang tak seberapa yang aku cuba keluarkan dalam bentuk tulisan. kalau korang memang jenis share problem dengan kawan atau parents atau sesiapa teruskan, ni cuma pendapat aku petang-petang ni. if you guys ada pendapat bertentangan dengan aku, terpulanglah. no hard feeling okay? :)

jadi, kalau korang? mengadu dekat sapa?

till then people, ilal liqa'

semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusan mu :)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

emo si

Tuesday 8.16 pm | 7 March 2017

So, aku tak tahu macam mana nak mulakan post harini.  (but, I will stop at nine and start studying) tapi, yang pasti post ni emosisonal sikit. besar kemungkinan untuk tak ada sebarang ilmu yang diselitkan so kalau rasa tak nak baca, boleh blah awal awal.

so, literally aku baru masuk blok 4 di mana we all learn about human physical body, muscles, bones and all that. jadi, everything is new to me. like every single thing. eh tak everything kot, just majority nya memang new words, new things la to me. and I did started this block by learning a day before the lecture starts. to make sure that i can understand better in class memandangkan blok ni berat gila. last year pun ramai yang fail blok ni. so, I wanna do some early preparations so that I'm not gonna fail this blok. #prayforme



till then people, ilal liqa'

no real person to share the problem with :(

Saturday, February 25, 2017

hallu blok empat

Saturday, almost 9 am, raining.

hi! blok 3 dah habis yey 

waiting for block 4 to come in one day (sebab esok dah ahad & isnin dah block baru)  block 3 was fun, exciting but tiring as well.

what can i learn from this block are jangan study last minute. tu je. jangan. takde masa. jangan bazir masa. jangan main main. jangan jadi malas. sebab blok 3 ni macam main-main gila (doakan result saya please) so i dont know what will came out as my result, pray for me pls :(

Block 3 : Blood and Immunology

blok ni belajar semua pasal darah jeee. eh tak tak, ada gak pasal antibodi dalam badan. best. tapi biasalah kan kalau ambik bidang ni memang banyak menghafal nya. tapi, when u understand something. it is even better. and what can i learn from this block; kita seriously kena belajar all this untuk sedar betapa kecik nya kita kat dunia ni.

nak jadi satu (satu tau) darah pun kompleks gila weh. banyak gila steps nak jadi SATU darah. kalau ada satu benda je (satu je?!!!) yang kacau, your red blood cell can go wrong. like seriously go wrong. so yang sihat sihat ni bersyukur lah ye. banyak badan kita ni berjasa dengan kita. banyak sangat orang lain yang ada masalah kesihtan berkaitan darah ni (bleeding disorder). ada yang lahir-lahir je mati. but somehow, it is good sebab takdelah dia sengsara dengan penyakit dia sampai besar.

mungkin Dia nak tunjukkan kekuasaan Dia melalui lahirnya orang-orang macam ni kot? wallahuallam

i got no more stories. but doakan blok empat saya! pbl tiap minggu weh huhuhu that's all. bye! ilal liqa'

this is my kolej

p/s: oh ya to those who are wondering, saya medical student unimas tahun satu (still a long way to go) wish me luck :)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Food Hunting @ Kuching, Sarawak

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone. so, aku baru je lepas habis PBL which is quite tiring sebab the whole week buat research and tak study. So, tengah ada mood nak buat post baru. Jadi, this is it. The other day my friends and I, kiteorang pergi jalan-jalan sekitar Kuching untuk Food Hunting!! *clap clap clap* super excited!!!!!

So, after habis exam titas haritu, kiteorang google segala macam tempat makan yang best best dekat Kuching or sekitar Kota Samarahan ni, we did listed some places such as :-

  • Mom's Laksa Kopitiam (terkenal dengan mee nya yang sedap sedap)
  • Sepinang Sari Cafe and Restaurant ( mee kolokk)
  • Kopi O Corner ( lots of food)
  • King's Curry ( Pizza Durian )
  • Dot Waffle (Waffle???)
  • Gula Apong ( aiskrim!!! )
  • RJ Ayam Penyet Kopitiam ( ayam penyet/bakar )
  • Black Been Coffee & Tea (coffeesss)
  • Muhammad Lim's ( mushroom noodles )

Let's go! Jadi, the first place we went to Sepinang Sari Cafe and Restaurant yang memang terkenal dengan mee koloknya. Jadi, disebabkan nak cuba jugak mee kolok sedap ni, kiteorang pun pergi lah. Tapi, sebab kiteorang pergi hari sabtu plus pergi pulak time petang-petang so kedai nya buka tapi mee koloknya habis :(

tak dapat nak merasa mee kolok :(
So, beracadang pulak nak pergi Mom's Laksa Kopitiam. Tetapi, malangnya Mom's Laksa tutup hari sabtu ahad. hahahahaha semua fail nak pergi. Jadi, to those yang nak pergi, tengok dulu buka ke tutup hahahahha P/S THIS IS A MUST TO GO IF U GO KUCHING U KNOW WAJIBUL NGUNNAH

Next destination, kami pergi Kopi O Corner! Sangat cantik and sangat ramai orang. Luckily, datang tu ada jugak tempat kosong.

Nasi Ayam Penyet
Kuah Mee Kolok

Mee Kolokkkkk
Prata Cheese Daging
Semua sekali hehe nyum nyummm

Makanan taste good, sedap and oklah untuk kenyang. Banyak banyak ni pun kami kongsi 5 orang, not full but okay okay la. jadi, aku bagi 4 bintang dari 5 hahahaha (sukati je bagi bintang). Tempat cantik dan senang cari. Jadi, dekat sini, kami order Nasi Ayam Penyet (RM 10.60), Mee Kolok Udang Special (RM 8.50) dan Prata Cheese Beef (RM 9.50). Prata ni sedap gila ko tapi tulah my friends cakap rasa dia more macam ala ala roti john gitu. tapi, tak rugi untuk cuba prata ni (huhuh rindu dah hahaha) But so far, semua sedap. Highly recomended :)

Next! We went to Dot Waffle and Desserts Cafe.

Jadi, lepas makan makanan berat kan, nak makan dessert la konon nya and dekat Dot Waffle ni cam tempat-tempat hipster gittew. Cantik sangat buat tempat tangkap gambar hahahahaha jadi, dekat sini, kami order waffle aiskrim sedap weh. Tapi, not recomended untuk satu waffle seorang sebab high chances untuk rasa muak tu tinggi. Macam kiteorang order 3 waffle untuk 5 orang. (Alhamdulillah habis hahahha) And sedap gila weh! (untuk aku yang duduk hutan ni kan hahahaha) Aku bagi 3.8 over 5.

So, per waffle will cost you RM 8.00 untuk Waffle Ice Cream (Oreo) dan RM 9.00 Waffle Ice Cream (Oreo milo). I am not sure apa lagi pilihan yang ada sebab busy tangkap gambar hahaha tapi there's a lot more pilihan kat sini macam fresh juices, soda, milkshake and banyak lagi so don't forget to come and taste it bila datang Kuching hahaha! best and cantik and sedap 

Next destination is RJ Ayam Penyet Kopitiam. 

So, sebenarnya RJ ni dekat sebelah Kopi O Corner tu je tapi sebab masa tu awal lagi and RJ tengah tutup, so kami pergi RJ Kopitiam dekat cawangan lain which are dekat mana I am not really sure hehehe tapi tepi jalan tu parking pun kat situ je, kedai sebelah jual shisha hahahahahahahaha kat sini kami sampai dah nak malam  

Ice lemon tea (my feveret)
Nasi Ayam Penyet
Nasi Ayam Bakar
Pisang goreng cheese
Dekat sini, ni je kami order sebab dah kenyang hahaha tapi tengah lapar. Kami order nasi ayam bakar (RM 9.50), nasi ayam penyet (RM 9.50) dan Banana Cheese (RM 8.00 -large) and air bla bla bla sangat sangat kenyang and sangat berpuas hati. RJ jugak is a beautiful restaurant tapi kekurangan lampu tapi sangat cantik. harga makanan semuanya berpatutan for us students ni ha kan. worth it la. cuma mungkin susah sikit nak parking so kena pusing balik kalau takde tempat parking. Tak rugi datang and rasa sendiri sedap cemana pastu rate sendiri. But, for me I am leaving 3 as my rate hehe by the way pisang cheese ni sedap gila makan panas panas nikmat dunia weh

Our last destination is DP Ice Cream Gula Apong (sorry tak tahu nama betul campur malay english hehehe). Gula apong is a must kalau datang sarawak and I like it so much yang kecik RM 2 je kalau besar punya RM 5 je. The green one is perisa pandan and the other one is perisa gula apong. Ini 5/5! :P

So, thats all for that day. kebetulan pulak keluar ni hari terakhir 2016 -31 Dec 2016- so macam sambut new year sekali (acah je) banyak lagi kedai nak pergi tapi masa dan keadaan kedai yang tak buka la habis la apa la, tapi berpuas hati sangat sangat. Untuk setengah hari pergi 3 kedai yang memang terkenal dengan makanan-makanan sedap memang best (what am I saying)

Kami ada 5 orang, dan masing-masing keluarkan RM 50 seorang and at the end of the day, lepas bayar makanan and kereta sewa, kami dapat balik RM 10!!!!! Ha, keluar separuh hari RM40 je wehhhh sis terlajak happy hahaha. Jalan-jalan plus makan sampai kenyang, jadi untuk 40 hengget tu apalah sangat kan ha gitu. 

apa pun tips kalau nak pergi Food Hunting ni, jangan order makanan and air satu sorang sebab prinsip food hunting ni kita nak merasa bukan nak makan sampai perut pecah hahaha and rancang betul-betul nak pergi mana, plus tanya orang-orang yang memang stay situ sebab nak tahu mana tempat yang best nak makan ha gitu. tu je kot tips nya yang tak berapa nak macam tips hahahaha

Okaylah thats all for this post. rasanyalah. Till then peeps! 
Ilal liqa'
Assalamualaikum :)

 p/s : Harap-harap ada Food Hunting 2.0 hahahaha