Saturday, May 14, 2016

How To Be Beautiful Without Makeup?


"so much stress these days to always look perfect & to be flawless"

"we can ask ourselves what is beautiful, what is pretty & what is perfect"

"our flaws are really makes what we are"

"we need to be accepting us more"

"most beautiful when they are happy and when they are beautiful"

"do things that make u feel good about yourself"

"what does it matter what others think if you gonna be unhappy?"

i love this video so much. every single word that she said is so inspiring. i love u hehehe.

tapi kan we are actually denying the truth. sebab, we know that, these days no one will choose or pick a partner or someone as their workers or girlfriends or boyfriends if they are not beautiful. or we called it as dahi licin, muka putih hahahahahaha. tipu la kalau ada. ok exception for a little group yang memang will choose attitude/hati than their face

i don't know why am I writing this. I am just having bad day. I just want to be flawless. I am not chasing for others opinion or compliment. it just that, by being flawless itself, will make me happy. the thing is when will i be flawless? perfect tu tak la kan. for me, beautiful is when you are flawless and your skin is white and the most important thing is someone yang ada good sense in fashion. I am just jealous with girls yang know how to do makeup, how to do the most perfect eyeliner, how to dressup and eveything la kan

people might say, paling penting hati. paling penting hati. I know that people. please stop saying that. you're denying the truth.


ok abaikan. I'm out *hands up* bye

Monday, May 9, 2016


hi gais

acah je kan? nak update tapi tak update update. nah, I am quite busy with korean dramas hahahaha sampaikan kadang kadang whatsapp pun tak terjenguk. ada je post yang panjang berjela dah tulis haritu, tapi tak rasa macam nak post sebab merepek sangat hahaha

em, cuti? alhamdulillah quite fun. cuti is acually equal to improving myself. rasanya this is the only time where I can so something to improve myself to be a better women chia chia chia and also to spent my time with my family. no I mean, cuba tengok and bayangkan masa depan. this is actually the only time yang left, yang I will be staying like so real dekat rumah. lepas ni masuk degree, balik rumah pun cuti sem je and lepas tu kalau kahwin (highlight kalau) obviously I will be staying with my husband (kalau kahwin) kan? so, I will use this time sehabis baik (peh macam pengakap) to spent it well with my family hehehehe

jadi, tunggu lah kalau ada next post (again please highlight kalau) stay tuned <3

I am in love with Song Joong Ki
i just finished the drama and am a little obsessed with Song Joong Ki. 
Yoo Si Jin was so perfect in the drama 
and no lie he's too cute
everytime tengok muka dia
mesti rasa nak senyum jugak
macam tengok gambar boyfriend ha cam tu ah

hahaha ilal liqa'
assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016


assalamualaikum and hi people! I'm back! with a lot of stories

well, alhamdulillah. asasi ended. yey atifah! congrats! so, tengah cuti ni I am looking forward to gain some life experiences and banyak sangat nak cerita! can't wait to share! about how do i survived asasi, how do i make friends and emm anything that I would to share? ada jugak rasa rasa macam nak buat video. hihi can't wait

and, satu perkara yang memang tak boleh nak buang macam tu je, is friendship. I'll talk more on my next post. tapi, baru sehari cuti. rasa rindu gila kawan kawan. bangun pagi pagi, and everything. I just miss them so much. and I hope they are doing fine with their family members.  barang pun belum fully unpacked hehe mesti kena marah nanti ni. it's okay. can't wait to share. stay tuned!

till then, ilal liqa'