Sunday, May 7, 2017

April 17

Hello and assalamualaikum everyone! First thing first, lets us welcome May with a warm greet and a smile, can we? Okay, alhamdulillah. For today's post, I just want, to sum up, everything that happens in April. Shall we start? Yes, let's go!

April, of course, my favourite month of the year. Sebab? It's my birthday's month yey. 

Untuk april je, gambar dah 1000+ but I choose these photos to share it here. April was a great month, lol mestilah as usual la kan. April started dengan preparation nak exam sebab block 4's exam is around the end of April. So, despite having so little tiny time, my friends did some cute little surprise for my birthday.  It was so unexpected. Seriously. Masa tu I thought they were fighting about something sebab one of my friends muka macam nak menangis dah. Lepas tu, bla bla bla andddddddddddd "Happy Birthday to youuuu" hahaha comel gila. comel. Lepas tu, that evening Miela surprised me with browniesssss. I love it so much, sedap gila. Sedap lagi sebab birthday hehehe. 

Thank you, everyone. Aku bukan orang yang pandai nak luakan perasaan dan terjemah dalam bentuk ayat. But, I want you girls to know that, I am beyond grateful to have you girls in my life. Thank you :)

Okay, moving on from my birthday hahaha, we got our first paper on 18th of April, hari first exam di mana juga merupakan Hasra's birthdayyyyy yeay. Happy belated birthday hasraa. we hope that you are surprised with our surprise. kalau tak pun, mengaku jelah kau terkejut hahahaha

Oh ya, by the way exam blok 4 kalini we olls kena pergi jawab exam dekat timur which is sucks. sebab jauh, nak kena tunggu bas. We olls ni manja, tak pernah naik bas sepanjang 2 tahun dekat sini ( setahun asasi, setahun degree) untuk ke kelas. selalu jalan kaki je, sekejap je sampai, ni nak kena tunggu bas, merungut macam macam haih macam mana la tahun depan yee 🤔

while waiting for the bus..... why not?

And aprillllllllllllll, I video call with my beautiful-pretty-talented-smart bestfriends from se seri dedulu. rinduuuu, this is during my birthday tau. so, disebabkan se seri buat open day dekat sekolah, they went to our school... without me of course sebab I tengah exam? hello? how to go? and, I miss them so muchhhhh last jumpa masa ambik result spm lama kot. dah bertahun dah huhuh when ah got the chance to meet them againnnn rinduuu gilaaaaa 

so, the reason why annur and anne (that 2 pretty-person that i video called) went to our school because ada open day. sumpah sedih sebab tak dapat nak join. plus, during that day, in the morning, kite orang ada exam ict, so memang tak boleh nak skip balik. whether I like it or not, I have to accept this. so, yeah, dah lepas, and I am okay 😆😆

April is a sad month too sebab last pbl with our fav lecturer from Myanmar. doktor serius baik gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sangat caring, suka senyum, suka bagi info, help us to learn better and banyak lagi. gonna miss here #alreadymissher so, we did this, so that she's not going to forget us hehehehe

and, in April too, UKM came here. which is be very fun sebab I'm one of the protocol members. I buat speech untuk dekan baca, but then dekan is very busy, so my speech for dekan to read, disimpan untuk................... tak tahulah apa. hahahah even though tak sempat nak buat kawan, it is a fun experience. lagipun ukm yang datang semua kakak kakak, kita adik je, malu la nak tegur tegur hehehe. walaupun kerja protokol je, which also means belakang tabir je, tapi bestttt sebab ya you know.... i don't know hahahhaa

I love doing work, macam charity work ke, jadi akak akak fasi ke, terlibat dalam program-program macam ni... suka sangat, tapi sebab kekangan masa and pemalas ya amat jarang betul join benda-benda camni. tapi, my advices to adik-adik (if ada) (if ada yang baca) (sesapa pun boleh la) selagi ada masa untuk join any program, joinlah. be a part of it. at least, nanti you dah tua tua there's something yang boleh buat you senyum.

whatever it is, I am beyond thankful for everything. even though ada jugak episod episod hitam in April, I just want to let it go. don't ever you give the way for negative thoughts. let it be and live you life. be happy and just smile :)

I think that's all the highlight of April. April was very fun and I hope May will be one too. How is your May going on? I hope you guys are doing fine and happy! anddddddd this is an update right 47 days before going back home! :) thank you everyone for your wishes on my birthday. I appreciate it so much. love ya! Thank you for reading, till then silent readers, ilal liqa'

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