Friday, April 28, 2017

why doctor?

Hi, everyone! So, it has been a while since I updated my blog. That sentence " I want to write something" has been playing over and over again in my head hahahaha. so, back to the title. Why doctor? Why do you want to be a doctor? actually, a lecturer of mine asked us to write an essay (seriously essay?) about this la kan. It turns out, I'm updating my blog rather than writing an essay haha. 

Why do you want to be a doctor?

This is seriously the most-favourite-carrot-famous-amos question masa interview. My answer? Lol, mestilah cliche gila. Sebab I do not know the answer. well, different people mestilah ada different answers kan. some because you witnessed death, others sebab nak tolong orang. While that person nak jadi doktor sebab nak jadi doktor. as I said before, the answers are different for different people. the answers lies in that person's heart. 

my lecturer did mention about is it because you want to be glamorous? rich? or because of that title? for sure, i repeat for sure no one will say yes. mungkin la dalam hati for certain people kan. sebab yes hello hello hello jadi doktor kaya okay? mak bapak heboh satu kampung anak jadi doktor. sapa tak bangga kan anak jadi doktor. 

for me? I do not know the answer. like i don't know.... what should I say.... I don't know... help me hahaha

apa yang aku tahu sekarang, ini jalan yang Dia sediakan untuk aku. macam mana pun, aku kena usaha sehabis baik untuk tunjukkan rasa syukur aku sebab aku ditempatkan dalam bidang ni. bukan semua dapat peluang macam ni kan? ada orang minat sangat sangat, tapi ditempatkan dalam bidang yang lain. and bagi aku yang entahlah-tak-tahu-minat-ke-tak-ni sometimes, I do feel 'bersalah' sebab mensia-siakan apa yang Allah bagi. tapi, perjuangan belum berakhir. sebab aku percaya, minat tu boleh pupuk. and yes, it did. alhamdulillah, beberapa bulan ni rasa seronok sangat belajar bidang ni, raasa bersyukur untuk sihat tu sentiasa ada. cuma apa yang aku tak suka is exam la haha but then, without exam belajar macam sia-sia jelah sebab takde that 'booster' nak ulangkaji balik apa yang dah kita belajar. apa apa pun, tajdid niat hari hari.

okay, I don't know where this post going to haha but then pls pray for me and my friends too. so that we all dapat cari jawapan kepada this question. either because of rich and famous or because we want to help people. mencari jawapan kepada soalan ni, bagi aku macam mencari identiti sendiri gittew hahaha but anyway, I do hope that one day, we will become a successful doctor and will always in a happy-semangat-gila mood to help our patients one fine day. 

kepada rakan-rakan seperjuangan, teruskan berjuang. stay smart and be good at all time. If you can dream it, surely you can do it :)

honestly, memula masuk aku rasa macam dalam dunia alien where all words all terms are so-really-weird-helo-what-are-you-talking-about unfamiliar. I remember one time, masa mula mula masuk dulu, someone (my lecturer but can't recall who) ada cakap okay ni mesti anak anak doktor semua ni, parents ke uncle aunty ke ada dalam medical field. and i was like crying and noooo I am the first one. sorry aliens, can't help but i'm super dummy pasal your terms here hahaha but that happened during earlier in year one kan biasalah hahaha alhamdulilah, I am doing so much better now. sebut je, sengih sengih sebab I understand youw alien words now hehehe 

this is part of my friends answers on why do you want to be a doctor? (less than 10 words) (this one is different from the essay) 

okay, sila teka which one is mine hahaha okay tu je for today, I hope takdelah orang mati kebosanan membaca hahaha ok joke #ifgottellmepls #kidding 

see ya next time! jaga diri jaga hati, stay positive, ilal liqa' :)

I cannot imagine me myself and I doing the doctor's job ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh scaaryyyy

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