Friday, March 31, 2017

see good

" One small positive thought in the morning 
can change your whole day"

Hello assalamualaikum to all!

How's your day going? Alhamdulillah for both bad and good day. Because there must be something behind it. Mine? nah.......... 50-50 i guess. Not  really in a good mood but not that bad too. while I was reading just now, I stopped by Aiman Azlan's blog and read his new post about "Increase the positive". I don't really know since when I have been following him but his new post are da boom like always la kan. And, I would like to share it with you just in case you are not following him. (now you can hehe) (go follow now)


Everybody has a positive side and a negative side. Which side do we choose to focus on?

We should choose to focus on the positive, despite knowing that the negative does exist.

That doesn’t mean that we ignore the negative. If we are in a position where we can make the situation better, then we should take appropriate action to correct the negative. Focus on the positive doesn’t mean that we justify their negative qualities or actions.

I’m talking about being positive, not being naive. 

Focus on the positive means that despite being aware of the negative, we make a conscious choice to see the good side of a person. We consciously decide that we would not define the person by his or her negativity, and we don’t make the negative our wallpaper. 

The person may or may not deserve our good thoughts. That is up for debate. But this is not about the person. This is about us. How we choose to see people affects how we feel. It is a factor in our emotional wellbeing. If we focus on the negative, then that is what we would see and that is what we would feel. 

Focusing on the good of a person is a choice that we all can make. For some it is a difficult choice, for others it is an easy choice. But it is still a choice nonetheless. 

What focusing on the good of a person means is that we don’t make the bad qualities of that person our wallpaper, such that when we see them, that is all that we see: the bad. We make the conscious decision to see them as they truly are; a human being just like us. 

When I say, “I love you” to my parents, I say that with the knowledge of how imperfect they are. I love them, with their flaws and shortcomings, because that is the only way I can sincerely and realistically love another human being. 

So I learn to live life with the cards that were dealt to me, not the cards that I wish were dealt to me. I learn to appreciate the parents God gave to me. God chose them to be my parents for a reason. Although I didn’t choose my parents, I can choose how to love them. 

When you make that conscious choice to focus on the good in people and you try to make this a habit, it becomes easier and easier to love them. You have trained your mind to think good things and positive things. Next time, you don't even have to try that hard - it becomes a natural part of yourself.


I do think positivity is important for us. For our own sake. By staying positive, it helps us to live our life happily. Reallhy. Try it and you will feel it. Paling penting sekali, you need to know that positive thought will not come without effort on its own. We need to find it. Make it as your daily habit and you will find the difference. 

Bagi aku, hidup ni mudah untuk kita bagi kata-kata tapi susah nak implement dalam diri kita. But, just try to do it. I do have my own problem; struggling to be positive everyday. Sebab bukan senang nak jadi postitif. Bukan senang nak husnudzon tiap masa. But, let's not end it there. Keep trying until you be one (this sentence is not only referring on how to be positive but for every aspect in your life) InsyaAllah, lama lama okay la kan? :)

I think that's all for today. Thank you for reading (eventho tak ramai pun baca) I hope that you gain something from this post. I really do. And don't forge to singgah to Aiman Azlan's blog! thank you for those beautiful words :) I love that picture so muchhh. Till then semuanya. Ilal liqa'

p/s : I'm not referring to anyone (just in case)
p/s : the one highlited in red and bold-ed is my fav line
p/s : pardon my grammar 

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