Thursday, August 18, 2016

just quit

hi guys.

so I am actually watching the match between denmark and idk what country for the badminton match.  and denmark currently kedepan with one mark (ONE MARK???/ like idkkk) and nampaknya macam he will win the game.

and I've been thinking about the other man from idk country.
kan lagi senang kalau dia gave up je.
kalau dia gave up, everything will be easy for him.
he doesn't need to practice for the next game (if he won this current match)
he doesn't need to fight.
he just need to quit.

but, i know that he's actually carrying a big responsibilities.
he's carrying his country's name.
he's trying to make his parents proud of him.

because you know... parents.. when they are proud of their childm they will brag about their child to their friends, relatives and even your siblings kan? correct me if I am wrong.

and they are now playing for Olympics kot!!! parets mana tak bangga and how can he gave up macam tu je sedangkan for sure dia akan berlatih sehabis baik so that he qualified untuk masuk olympics.

and now, I am telling myself that he should quite sebab terang terang the other guy akan menang.

shame on me.
I am sorry.

I will pray for the best for you!
Keep fighting and never give up just like what you did just now.

I am sorry readers if I am being too negative (cause you know sometimes people get lost in their way) so now, beregu bercampur Malaysia!!! let's pray for the best for Malaysia! Insya-Allah kita doakan baik baik :)

Ilal liqa'

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